Nicki Minaj && Springbreak!

Nicki Minaj has tried a Lady Gaga style for Spring Break, all white. It is a full body suit head to toe of white/cream. It has lace, mesh, and many more different materials. It is a common style for Lady Gaga, but a new one for Nicki. Nicki can pull it off, but not all the time. She is better of sticking to her style.

Nicki is still changing her hair by changing colors, but in the Spring, it mainly stays short. In other seasons, she has long in the front, short in the back, long all around, many different hair cuts. Now in the spring, its just a layered cut to her shoulders with her classic bangs. She changes the color coordinating  with her outfit. I personally like it best like this.

Nicki’s classic style is usually black and pink. It tends to have leather. Now in Spring, she is wearing colors that blend with her skin tone and really bring out her features. She is also wearing rompers, which isnt something we’ve seen before. Her Spring style is extrememly cute. It fits her and I like it better then her regular style.

~ by nickiminajweekly on March 28, 2011.

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