Nicki’s Summer Trends!!

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Nicki Minaj has a few new summer trends. One is her hair. Everyone knows that she LOVES colored hair. For summer, she is wearing long blonde hair with color dipped tips. This started at the Grammy’s but has stuck with her. One of her other trends is lipstick. She has worked with MAC to create her own pink lip gloss. Wherever she goes, you see her wearing this lipstick. It is a Nicki Summer Signature.

For Nicki’s summer clothing, she is into the leather style. This is a common style for R&B female artists. Nicki rocks head to toe. I personally think it is a cute look. For shoes, Nick has found colored heels that have tassels on the top. They come in every color and you see her wearing every color.

Nicki Minaj Currently!

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Nicki Minaj did an interview with Teen Vogue this month. She was asked ten questions and out of those ten questions, fans learned that:

  • She has always been outgoing with her style, always tried new things, and always loved pink. Now she is a little more ladylike, but still fearless.
  • As much as you see her in heels, her new favorite shoes are knee high flat boots. Nicki will wear them in any color or texture.
  • Lately, she loves Versace and outgoing designers like her.
  • She worked with M.A.C. recently and made her own pink shade of lipstick.
  • Knowing that she has millions of fans who want to dress like her, she loves it. She says they are her little followers but she feels like sometimes she has to proof her outfit for the younger generation.

Nicki Minaj is still a newbie in the music industry. She has to make her mark and she never fails to do that. No matter where she goes, its something new. Nicki’s style is an inspiration to so many and you can always count on her to have a new style for you to follow.

Nicki Minaj’s style is influenced by Lil Kim. But recently, there has been a feud between the two. No one know what they are fighting about. People say it’s a territorial thing, but either way it is hurting the hip hop industry. Lil Kim has always had the outgoing style. Nicki Minaj, being new, had Lil Kim as an inspiration. Now that they are fighting, Nicki Minaj feels as if she can’t still hold on this style. There may be a completely new change in her style if their fighting does not end.

Nicki Minaj && Springbreak!

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Nicki Minaj has tried a Lady Gaga style for Spring Break, all white. It is a full body suit head to toe of white/cream. It has lace, mesh, and many more different materials. It is a common style for Lady Gaga, but a new one for Nicki. Nicki can pull it off, but not all the time. She is better of sticking to her style.

Nicki is still changing her hair by changing colors, but in the Spring, it mainly stays short. In other seasons, she has long in the front, short in the back, long all around, many different hair cuts. Now in the spring, its just a layered cut to her shoulders with her classic bangs. She changes the color coordinating  with her outfit. I personally like it best like this.

Nicki’s classic style is usually black and pink. It tends to have leather. Now in Spring, she is wearing colors that blend with her skin tone and really bring out her features. She is also wearing rompers, which isnt something we’ve seen before. Her Spring style is extrememly cute. It fits her and I like it better then her regular style.

Nicki’s Spring Bling!

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Nicki Minaj held a Spring Bling concert where she performed in florida. Her outfits have now changed to something worn in the spring- brighter colors, shorts, wedges, etc.

Nicki wore a white short jumpsuit. She had her signature look with the pink bra showing. She had an interesting hair style this time. The cut we’ve seen before, but never befor has she had purple for the color. There were also gold decorations all down the jumpsuit.

Nicki Minaj wore some very loud shoes. They did not really match her outfit, but they looked good because they were loud. They didnt match because it had solid boring colors with a cream wedge. They are extremely cute though.

No Nicki Minaj :(

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Nicki Minaj did not attend the Oscars, but there were other people who had crazy outfits this year.

Beyonce looked gorgeous, but her dress was a little out there. It was tight and fitting until about knee length, where it poofed out. It was black and gold. It also had a slit down the cleavage line. All together, it looked good, but it wasn’t something everyone could pull off.

Cate Blanchett wore a dress that reminded me of a pilgrim. Her sleeved lay on top of her shoulders but did not wrap around them. The neck line of it went almost all the way up to her neck. The colors were blue and off white. It wasn’t a good choice for the Oscars.

The Lioness at The Grammy’s.

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Nicki Minaj, the new female rap phenomenon, is a unique character. Her style defines her and she does not care what anyone thinks of it. Her styles aren’t quite as crazy as Lady Gaga’s, but she definitely out there.

At the Grammy’s, Nicki wore cheetah from head to toe. Her shoes, leggings, dress and even hair were cheetah print. She said “This piece is a masterpiece by Givency. What they made for me, it’s just a miraculous piece of lioness meets her cub meets fierceosity meets fabulosity meets fashionista meets runway meets everything.” She made one of the biggest fashion statements at the Grammy’s.

Nicki Minaj’s dress was made by Givenchy Couture. Cheetah can be found everywhere though. It is a popular style. Now, Nicki’s hair might be harder. You can find how to style your hair like hers at

Nicki Minaj’s weekly fashion trends. Find where and how to get Nicki’s style!

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